1. Why would I join Nagarathar Sangam of Canada(NSC)?
    Nagarathar Sanagam of Canada(NSC) operates on well defined objective and constitution. Only Nagarathars can become members of NSC. A secret ballot voting is carried for all key decisions and each member participates in it. Every member gets an opportunity to manage events and administer operations. The annual membership fee is also nominal.
  2. Is Nagarathar Sangam of Canada(NSC) the only Nagarathar Sangam in Canada?
    There may be other Nagarthar Sangams in Canada but Nagarathar Sangam of Canada(NSC) is the only Nagarathar Sangam that is exclusive for Nagarathars living in Canada. For more information please check the objective and constitution of NSC.
  3. Who is the President and Secretary of NSC?
    There is no President or Secretary for NSC. NSC operates on a low profile giving opportunities for its members on a round robin basis to manage events and administer operations. NSC is managed by a Coordinator, event coordinators, a treasurer and a web administrator. All roles are determined at the time of Pillaiyar Nonbu.
  4. Can Non-Nagarathars become members of NSC?
    No. The decision was made after a secret ballot among NSC members.
  5. Can Non-Nagarathars or Non-members attend events organized by NSC?
    Yes. Non-Nagarathars can attend all NSC events except Pillayar Nonbu as a guest of any NSC member. Non-member Nagarathars can attend all NSC events as a guest of any NSC member.