Vaisyas of Lunar Race lived at Santhyapuri of Shambu Islands in Naganadu up to Kali year 203 (2896BC). The historians say Vaisya's then emigrated to Kanjeepuram of Thondaimandalam in Kali year 204 (2897 BC). In Kali Year 2311 (790 BC) Prathapa Rasa Thondaimandalam became new emperor of Thondaimandalam. They stayed there for a very long time, but being troubled by heavy levy, they left the country on Kali Year 2312 (689 BC) and settled in Chola country. Manuneedhee Cholan the Emperor of Chola mandalam welcomed Vaisyas with royal respects and he entitled them as Mahugada-Vaisyar and asked them to reside at South, East and West street of Kaveripoom pattinam (Poompugar). Since the Chola king knows about the trade and other aspects of Vaisyas he bestow them three privileges as follow: -

  1. Placing the crown on the head of the new ruler at the time of coronation.
  2. They were allowed to use flags with the figure of a lion on them
  3. To use golden vessels (Thanga- kalasam) in the roof of there houses

The illustration of lion and Golden Vessel (Thanga-kalasam) are royal symbols.

Poovandhi Cholan was crowned as new king of Chola Mandalam on Kali Year 3775 (774 AD). The king tortured the Vaisyas and humiliated all ladies. The 8,000 Vaisyas families killed themselves leaving their 1,502 male children to their spiritual instructor named Admanadhachariar. Admanadhachariar brought up the male children.

Later due to the illness of Poovanthi Cholan his son Rajabushana Cholan was crowned as the new king. Poovandhi Cholan called Vaisyas for the Sovereign of his son but Vaisyas refused to accept his invitation since they are bachelors. Since Manuneedhee Cholan had given the privilege to Nagarathers to place the crown on the head of the new ruler during coronation the sovereign ceremony got delayed. After a long converse with Shivacharyas (spiritual instructor) and gurus the King asked Vaisyas to marry the Solia-Vellalar girls. Vaisyas agreed to marry them on a condition that they would not let their children to marry Vellala children. After some protest the Vellala people agreed to this. Under the royal patronage, mass marriage was performed and Rajabushanan sovereigns as new king of Chola Mandalam.

Later an unprecedented deluge submerged the land of Vaisyas and wiped off their home, cattle and all wealth. That was the time when Pandya king Soundaraja Pandiyan had approached Rajabushana Cholan to allow few good citizens to migrate to Pandya Kingdom and establish trading out there. Being sympathetic on Vaisyas the Chola king requested few Vaisyas to migrate to Pandya Kingdom but the Vaisyas refused saying that they would like to live together with their community wherever they live and can not be separated. Chola king then allowed the whole Vaisya community to migrate to Panya Kingdom.

So all the Vaisyas moved with Raja-Saundra Pandiyan to Pandya Kingdom. They first landed at the place known as OmkaraKudi in the Pandya Dynasty. As promised the Pandya king allotted three regions and temples each to Vaisyas from different streets.

  1. Ariyalur town & Temple of Phiranmalai.
  2. Sundarapattinam & its Temple .
  3. Ilayathtankudi Nagaram & its Temple .

Vaisyas were also known as Aaru Valiyenar (east) Nalu Valiyenar (west) and Yelu Valiyenar (south) based on the streets they lived in Kaveri Poom Pattinam. Due to a dispute the east and west street Vaisyas moved out and settled in Malayala desam. Ilayathtankudi Temple and Nagaram belonged to Yelu Valliyenar (present Nattu Kottai Chettiars or Nagarathars) and the people who settled in this Nagaram came to be called as Nagarathars. Later eight more Sub-Divisions were created by Nagarathars.

Now Nattu Kottai Chettiars or Nagarathars have Nine Divisions and these divisions are known as Kovils and a single family (A Couple)is known as Pulli. This Nine Divisions are known as Nagara Kovil. Later Nagarathars moved to nearby villages and resided there as a member of their Kovil. Thus the 96 villages came into existence. The Chettiars then moved close to each other and the number of Nagarathar villages decreasd to the present 76 villages.

Kali Year 3808(707 AD)Ilayathtankudi
Kali Year 3818(712 AD)Mattur
Kali Year 3818(712 AD)Vairavan Patti
Kali Year 3820(714 AD)Iluppakkudi
Kali Year 3820(714 AD)Nemam
Kali Year 3824(718 AD)Surakudi
Kali Year 3824(718 AD)VelanKudi
Kali Year 4380(1278 AD)Pillayar Patti
Kali Year 4380(1278 AD)Irani Koil