Roles and Resp

NSC Coordinator: Represents the organization during the period. Usually the one who conducts the Pillyar Nonbu. Coordinates with the event organizer. In the absence of treasurer, will collect the share from each member. Handles the issues/concerns within the organization. Collecting views from all members, when any issue arises. Helps arrive at the decision by arranging meeting/voting within the members. Follow Hand Over Take Over (HOTO) process defined. Summarize the events during the period. Transfer pending issues/concerns to the in-coming coordinator.

Treasurer: Collect Membership fees, Note: Gentle remainders to be sent to the group (without addressing individuals) for 3 times during the tenure. Maintain the NSC Accounts. In case of rental reimbursement, will collect the share from each member. Validate the receipts and pay-off the rental claims and Website expenses. Submission of Financial Summary during the Pillayar Nonbu event day.

Event Organizer: Organizes the respective event. Obtain the up-to-date membership details from the coordinator for sending invite. Get the rental amount reimbursed from the Treasurer / NSC Coordinator.

General Information

Party Hall / Picnic Spot Reimbursement: $150 to be set as Upper Limit for Party Hall / Picnic Spot rental. Participants will share the rental cost, to the max of $20/member family. Additional expenses will be paid from the Treasury

Guidelines for using Nagarathar Group email id: Google group id to be used for sharing news/announcements. Proper ethics to be followed to make sure, content of the email doesn’t hurt any members

Family Day/Sami Abhishekam (Feb/Mar)
Mothers Day/Tamil New Year (April)
Picnic (July)
Day out (August)
Diwali (October/November)
Pillayar Nonbu (December)